Sick List- It must be winter . The sick list is growing. Sue Ratcliff is still recovering, Graeme Muir has had a recent hospital stay, Barry Watts still undergoing treatment, Bob Dukic  had a hospital stay with pneumonia, Trevor Spence and Marion also laid low with pneumonia, Marj  Drury broken elbow. If you want to know about the hospital system just ask Ray! We wish everyone a speedy recovery.


The Two Leons – Leon Slater has kept in contact with phone calls and three postcards on his trip to the west and back. Currently he’s in Deniliquin and should be back in a couple of weeks. Leon Sherwood has been all over the place including counting birds in W.A., returned for his mother in law’s 100th Birthday and then was off again doing drainage work. He will be back in September.


Ballarat Show – We have been asked to have a bigger involvement at this year’s Ballarat Show, from 9-11th November. They would like us to have some children’s activities and we will be given a larger site on the Howitt St end of the big pavilion.


Generous Donation – We have been given a pallet of floor tiles from National Tiles in Latrobe St for the new toilet block. There will also be enough to do the wash room area. Thanks to Graeme Muir for organising this donation, which will be a great saving on the cost of the new toilet block. 


Thanks also to Glen Day who, over a period, has donated several items for our community markets. Last week she gave us an extension dining table and chairs. Thanks Glen for your great help.


Electric Truck – It has been extremely fortuitous that Lachy MacDonald has joined the Shed and is able to work on the electrics of the truck. I notice other people are loading him with more electrical projects. Hope it keeps your hand in Lachy!


Community Market – Last market raised over $700 despite poor weather. I wonder what we can achieve when the weather picks up?  Thanks to all the helpers.


Sausage Sizzles – At last Farmers Market raised $170. Yes! Poor weather again but thankfully the previous one in the Mall raised over $300.


Art classes – Continue to attract new people, learning lots of new things. Thanks to Len Cooper for giving his time and talents.


Road Reserve – We are still waiting on official confirmation of the approval to use the reserve for parking. I think I’ve said this before?


Volunteers Grant – We have applied for this Federal Gov’t. grant and it has been acknowledged. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome. The last time we applied for this grant we were able to buy the cool room trailer.


State Gov’t.Grant – We were unable to apply for the building development grant because of the ‘two for one’ requirement of this grant.  Rather disappointing as the project we had in mind (removal of asbestos from the office roof) is a job that can only be done by professionals.  The other projects still to be done are much more costly.


Ballarat Secondary College – Richard Giles volunteered to help at the Barkly St campus of the College to undertake a woodwork project with 10 Year 11 VET students. The project chosen was to make possum boxes for Wildlife Victoria. I think Richard has found that school is not like it was in the old days. Thanks Richard for your help in this project.


Social Night – The casserole tea organised for mid July was a great success with about 20 attending. Thanks to Alan and Judy Buchanan who spent half a day cooking and preparing a great meal and organising games.  General agreement was that we should do this again in 6-8 weeks but buy in food (pizzas etc.) to ease the burden on any particular person. Plan to come to the next one!


IGA Supermarket and Haintz Pharmacy – These two businesses support BECS; IGA by a token scheme and Haintz by a rebate on prescriptions Members and their families are encouraged to support these businesses. The last IGA handout was over $300.


Toilet Block – The concrete has been broken up and removed and pipes laid ready for the new slab. A permit had to be altered as it said foundations had to be on clay which is 2 meters down due to fill between buildings. Trevor has the project in hand.


Veterans’ Affairs -  We had a visit from Donna Takle,  who is the manager of Veterans’ Access Network, talking about grants. There are two possibilities; one up to $500 for a social event, e.g. inviting vets. to the Shed for afternoon tea. The second grant would be up to $10,000 for a major project.  The consensus was that we should look at the kitchen upgrade.


Festival of Motoring - As a bit of self indulgence, this is on again from Wed. 29th August  with a display at the Mining Exchange to Sunday 1st September with some driving events at the airport. As it will be on Father’s Day, suggest your kids shout you to this event.


Late Breaking News – It has just been announced that the Australian Men’s Shed Association National Conference will be held in Ballarat from the 27-29th October 2013 at the Mercure.


Working with Wood – Exhibition in Melbourne in October at the Showgrounds. We would like to make it a group outing. Please see Doug J. if interested.


From The Board -Workshop Donations – BECS has two types of members, non active and active. Our non active members may be older, still be working fulltime, or have young families. They cannot attend but support the concept of Men’s Sheds by taking out a membership. Our active members attend when they can ,and either do their own projects or assist in running the shed and supporting fund raising activities. At some stage we would expect all active members to be doing something for the Shed  ie help on a sausage sizzle, prepare and cleanup for the monthly markets etc.  Where members are doing their own projects we would expect a donation for the use and maintenance of equipment plus running costs. If members are using shed materials for their project we would expect some compensation. Please discuss this with either Alan Aiton from the metal area, Ken Pryor or Trevor Spence from the woodwork area, or Ron Hucker for areas concerning the back shed.  These supervisors will make allowance for the contributions that you as a member are making toward the sustainability of the Shed. If you have any concerns in regard to this matter please bring them to the Board.








Competition – Please select from one of the following photos as the preferred model for our new toilet block. Give your selection to Trevor and the winner will have his name on the cubicle door!!!




1. Toilet Paper Saver

5. Space Saver Model

2. Engaged Sign Not Required

6. Economy Model

3. Best Mates Model

7. No Secrets Here

4. Side Saddle Model

8. Palmer Hire Model