Shed Calendar

During this time whilst dealing with COVID19, all attending members MUST wear a mask when indoors. Any member who has underlying conditions that make them a high risk should stay home.

We now have electronic "sign-in" process working and all scan the QR Code to show their attendance and sign-in at the office. This sign-in process will be our method for contact tracing. Wash your hands as often as required to maintain cleanliness and personal hygiene during this COVID19 pandemic. Hand sanitiser MUST be used before entry and whenever moving into different areas of the shed.

Your health and the health of all our fellow shed members is of paramount importance and remember . . . COVID-19 has not gone away, it is still out there and we must all be careful with what we touch.

The following events and activities are planned for the foreseeable future.

Please contact us for any details about an event you may be interested in.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Date Event Title and Details
Saturday 19-Feb-2022

General Meeting - All Welcome

Contact: Committee

Location: The Shed

This is our general meeting for members to hear what's happeningd ask any questions.

All members should attend if numbers allow so that each member has a say in what the shed is doing and what the direction of the committee is for the benefit of the members.